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Not the same Kwan some of you know from sets past, but she got the same skinny body with a much larger bust! Laid back lass who showed up for the shooting with her boyfriend who seemed to be quite proud of his big girl at Farang Ding Dong. In fact, she looked much bigger when she took off her shirt or seemed to grow right during our shooting, as if she could control their size by will-power?

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Another comeback of a girl we have introduced in set 20, not such a long time ago, but she changed a bit. I didn’t take her measurements back then, but today Da appears more mature, less tiny but with the same sparkling smile at Farang Ding Dong! – So far for the girls we hadn’t seen for a while, next week I’ll continue to show some more new “acquisitions”…! 🙂

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I always wanted to cast her again, spotted her some times, but missed to get in touch since set number 9! The lass with the ass, even more meaty and muscly than before! And bustwise more than 20 inches bigger! Mentally, she didn’t change much: a touch of a bitch and not the easiest to work with. But you, the spectator, doesn’t need to know that, just enjoy her big, rotating butt at Farang Ding Dong!

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This one most of you probably know: always pleased to see her, but what a cock-tease! She likes to play with my dick but refused to suck it, whereas with the fat dildo Goy demonstrates obvious knowledge! Next time I would really like to check out how “deep” this knowledge actually reaches at Farang Ding Dong.

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Anybody who remembers her? Looong time ago, in set 12, and she changed a lot! With the body even more skinny than before, her bustline expanded from tiny 51 to dramatic 86 inches! Five years ago she acted so shyly and didn’t even speak one word, now she called me all the time, almost begging for more shootings. When I met her again first, she was totally drunk, but looked awesome! Later, she demonstrated the at Farang Ding Dong.

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Another one I haven’t seen for more than one year! Back then, right after she promised a facial cumshot, the girl vanished, so this was one of the first things to do when I picked her up again! I knew she had great growth potential, and in fact she grew about one inch per month, from 57 to 75, which makes a big difference on such a small frame at Farang Ding Dong!

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Enigmatic Pu, last seen in set 19, finally is back! She spent one and a half year abroad and I picked her up right the first day of her return! Pu seemed very eager to pose again for some shootings with someone who really appreciates her new, epic dimensions: in fact she gained a lot of weight, but at the right place: 84 inches are 21 more than on our last shooting at Farang Ding Dong! Any Archimedes around who might figure out how much this is in pounds?

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